Operation Underground Railroad

RISE UP FOR FREEDOM CHALLENGE 40.3 million people worldwide are victims of human trafficking, 25% of them are reported to be children. It’s time to RISE UP and protect the freedoms we oftentimes take for granted, that many victims of trafficking are robbed of. To kickoff Rise Up For Freedom we are issuing a challenge …

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Sound of Freedom

Jim Caviezel   ·  SOUND OF FREEDOM IS COMING ‘Sound of Freedom’ is set to make its theatrical debut during the second half of 2023. The release date for the film is pending. VARIETY writes: ‘Sound of Freedom’ is based on the true story of Tim Ballard, a former US government agent that quits his job …

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Welcome One of our Newest Contributors “Angels On Your Pillow” Author Karen Kelly

So proud to be a part and a friend of this Amazing Blog, https://www.angelsonyourpillow.com/through-darkness-into-light/  Website and close friends with the Author, Karen Lee Kelly.  Please feel free to view their featured story for June, which is my story.  https://www.angelsonyourpillow.com/through-darkness-into-light/  Karen had interviewed me while she was here for our ITEX Regional Conference, for an article she …

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“Postpardum Depression” Baby Blues

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Postpartum depression (PPD), also called postnatal depression, is a type of clinical depression which can affect both sexes after childbirth. Symptoms may include sadness, low energy, changes in sleeping and eating patterns, reduced desire for sex, crying episodes, anxiety, and irritability. While many women experience self-limited, mild symptoms postpartum, postpartum …

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Don’t Be Ashamed

Our Thought for Today, comes from Brian Tracy.  Sharing is Caring, and for those who don’t think so have no idea who might be have been saved by knowing someone has been there and survived.  Take time to tell your story today.

“A Friend is a Gift”

We are asking for prayers and positive thoughts for a very close friend of ours and Fellow Broker out of Minnesota.  Maria Domek, wife and partner of Phil Domek is battling Leukemia, and is now in a second round of aggressive treatments, after the first round of intense treatments, they thought she had beaten the …

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Donations Needed for Storm Victims

Blog4girls is helping victims who have suffered loss during the most recent storms.  WE need your help!  Providing clothing, toiletries and household goods is how we use the funding, and we are running out of both.  You can help by donating even 10.00 dollars.  Imagine having financial distress already from Medical expenses and not being …

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