Scammers and Frauds

Switching gears for a bit, we need to do everything in our power to help save everyone from the most current form of robbery and theft.
The biggest mistake you can make is in your thinking it can’t happen to you.
It can happen to anyone.
I will be starting a series of stories and articles to help you the consumer understand the why’s, the how’s, and what you can do to avoid becoming a victim.
So, who tends to be the primary targets for fraud and scams?
Let’s review the types of scams most popular currently and fraud. Romancing Scams are major now, targeting dating sites and social media sites.
What better place to find victims. Dating sites.
Romancing scammers are the worst.
They come across all happy and wanting to find that perfect mate.
Targeting those lonely individuals who are looking for love or are so deprived of a solid relationship will fall for just about anyone who pays attention to them.
Let’s start with the Romance scammer this time.
Do they tend to use the same language in their pursuits?
In most cases yes.
Do they tend to use false identifications when seeking their prey?
Most of the time yes.
Do imposters tend to try romance to victimize their prey?
Of course, and what is really bad they will use celebrities’ names and postures.
Especially popular high-Profile actors.
On social media, the most recent fakes are using Liam Neeson, Keanu Reeves, Brad Pitt, Mark Harmon, Tom Selleck and many others.
At one time, trying to take down these fake accounts, I had 10 Liam Neeson fakes trying to romance me.
Yes, I said 10 at one time.
Funny how that guy can be in 150 places at one time. 🙂
There are over 200 accounts in each of the above on one platform each.
The saddest part to this, is the number of followers they have some have several thousands, and what’s really stupid most of the followers are on the other pages too.
Either these women are so deprived and desperate they just don’t care.
And, they are probably feeding money to them as well.
It is really sad.
99% of their followers are of course women.
And, many are educated financially stable and attractive.
How does the Romance Scammer work?
First they will contact you via your social media presence and make some comment by messenger to attract your attention. Most common, “Hi I noticed your posts and find them very interesting, would like to friend you but having an issue, can you send me a friend request?”
Next they will start chatting with you showing true interest in you, are you married have any kids, do you work, where to you work, where are you from, I have looked at your profile picture you are beautiful. Do you mind if we become friends?
Stay tuned in to my next posting here, to learn how they go in for the kill.