Our Series on Scam Prevention

When a person requests a private chat and within 2 weeks asks for steam cards is that a scammer?

YES! ALWAYS! They will ask for Steam cards and many others, as well as cash, which most of the time they want you to send via Bitcoin. Never send them cash or cards and never let them talk you into giving them your bank info, you Social Security Number, or any of you phone or email passwords! I can tell you from experience, that they will try all the latest scams in you. Mine wanted me to log into a bank account that was supposedly his…

But I had watched a show in YouTube where a woman went to prison for that, they arrested her for money laundering….also they will sometimes have other women send you money to send them, I think they call that being a money mule, where one woman will agree to send them money, but the scammer has them send it to another woman, and sometimes she will send it to yet another woman, who then sends it to him by Bitcoin. This is illegal and also considered money laundering. This way the woman sending the money goes to jail for he crime, and he remains untraceable and walks away with the money.

Never ever send them money in any amount or any form, no matter what sob reason they give you.

If you have access to YouTube. Watch the oil rig scam episodes and you will learn a lot about their thieving trickery and lies they tell. Scum of the earth is what they are.