Operation Underground Railroad

https://www.ourrescue.org/join-the-fight BREAKING NEWS: 12 arrested, 10 rescued This operational footage walks you through a club where several individuals were being exploited in Colombia. After nine months of courageous, dedicated work, Operation Gemma 3 was a success! This victory against transnational crime will slow down groups facilitating exploitation and human trafficking—let’s keep up the fight for …

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Sound of Freedom

Jim Caviezel   ·  SOUND OF FREEDOM IS COMING ‘Sound of Freedom’ is set to make its theatrical debut during the second half of 2023. The release date for the film is pending. VARIETY writes: ‘Sound of Freedom’ is based on the true story of Tim Ballard, a former US government agent that quits his job …

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In Honor of International Women’s Day

A LEGACY WE HONOR Following a decade-long career in the CIA, Tim Ballard felt called to start his own organization after recognizing that the U.S.’s current laws weren’t helping children escape from servitude and trafficking. Inspired by Harriet Tubman and other abolitionists of the 19th century, Tim named the organization: Operation Underground Railroad. Today we …

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#Resilience #Inspiration #Video Mojo As a videographer I’ve interviewed over 1000 people, so many of them have a great backstory. This channel is designed to share some of those backstories as a way to inspire the viewer to make it through whatever you’re going through right now…. and succeed! A very special ITEX in Houston …

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Operation Underground Railroad O.U.R

We are pleased to announce that O.U.R. has supported law enforcement agencies in 44 U.S. states! O.U.R. provides resources to bolster law enforcement’s efforts to fight local human trafficking and sexual exploitation. Our efforts have expanded as more agencies have become aware of the assistance we provide. Upon request, we have provided resources such as …

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New Update and Shocking

Exposing The Scope Of Human Trafficking In America (rumble.com) Please strap in to watch. Exposing more information concerning Human Trafficking. Those who are exposed will shock you. FACT BASED. Click on the link to view.