It’s On Us

I just joined this movement, how about you?  We must stop this from happening to anyone, no one person is exempt to this and it is time awareness and admission take actions to stop it.  I too, am a victim of RAPE, I was kidnapped at my car, driven to an unknown location, and violated …

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Don’t Be Ashamed

Our Thought for Today, comes from Brian Tracy.  Sharing is Caring, and for those who don’t think so have no idea who might be have been saved by knowing someone has been there and survived.  Take time to tell your story today.

“Why We Stay” Domestic Violence Comes in all Shapes and Sizes.

With so much talk and discussion about Domestic Violence today, the one question that keeps popping up in conversation is, “Why do you stay?”  As a victim of both Domestic Violence and Child Abuse, I can answer that question.  Obviously, I can only speak for myself and experience.  After experiencing several traumas involving abuse and …

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“Big Tears Little Hearts” New Chapter- “Quit Living in others Past”

Growing up in a dysfunctional family environment, and who has not?  I did learn a thing or two.  Not to copy or duplicate my parents in some of their ways or thinking.  I learned that “words” are as painful or joyful and physical contact.  I learned “words” must be thought out before spoken, and realizing …

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“How Should I Act?”

In a recent episode of a family completely broken apart, critics from all parts of the country were weighing in on their opinions on what they felt was acceptable or not acceptable behavior of a victim caught in the middle of a major crime and violation of her youth.  First and foremost without disclosing names …

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