It’s On Us

I just joined this movement, how about you?  We must stop this from happening to anyone, no one person is exempt to this and it is time awareness and admission take actions to stop it.  I too, am a victim of RAPE, I was kidnapped at my car, driven to an unknown location, and violated mentally and physically.  Left for dead, but I survived.  I am a mother, a wife, a grandmother, and have managed to live with this knowing it continues, and in most cases the violators are never caught, my violator was marked as a serial rapist, 13 known cases and still was never apprehended.  Please, please visit  and get involved.  I hope and pray this never happens to anyone again.  Thank you to Lady GAGA for bringing this to our attention, at the Oscars, and Vice President Biden for taking a stand.  Now it is up to all of us to take action and stop this from happening to anyone else.

It is happening on College Campuses all over the country, and on our local streets.  Home Invasions are up, and so is violent assaults.

If you are a victim, then you understand, if you are not I Pray you never are.  One piece of advice I can give to someone who is not nor has been a victim, “YOU DO NOT KNOW HOW WE FEEL” I hope and pray you never find out.  Even after 35 years, it still haunts me, still very vivid, and I still jump at movements and scare easily.  It never goes away.