In Honor of International Women’s Day


Following a decade-long career in the CIA, Tim Ballard felt called to start his own organization after recognizing that the U.S.’s current laws weren’t helping children escape from servitude and trafficking.

Inspired by Harriet Tubman and other abolitionists of the 19th century, Tim named the organization: Operation Underground Railroad. Today we honor Harriet Tubman and her fearless courage to do what was right and rescue the enslaved. During her time as a “Conductor” of the Underground Railroad, she helped rescue 70 people. 

From Tubman’s inspiring legacy to our determined commitment, we remain undaunted in the face of modern-day slavery. Together with the bravery and generosity from the O.U.R community–we have risen up against this darkness, impacting over 6,000 lives and arresting over 5,000 predators. Thank you for being the light we take into the darkness. Your outpouring of support inspires us to keep fighting. Thank you.