Big Tears Little Hearts “What A Good Person & Husband” New Chapter

A close friend of mine brought up a great subject. My husband. In my Big Hearts Little Tears story, we talk about the trials and tribulations of my life, and how it has all turned around for the positive and how my faith has been my love, my guidance, and kept me alive. In 1996, the month was May, attending a Convention in Austin, I met the most incredible man. Chris Christensen. For several days, we never notice each other, even when mingling among our peers around the pool and the bars and restaurants. It wasn’t until the night before our Awards Banquet that he noticed me. Prior to that evening, I was conservatively dressed in Business attire, and very quiet. That night my other side came out, and I was part of the entertainment for the audience. Walking out on stage to sing a Patsy Cline favorite, dressed in Black Leather, I caught his attention. May I say, the rest is history, but not to leave you hanging, we met and instantly fell head over heels in love.


After Months of commuting back and forth, from New Jersey to Texas and back, we finally realized neither of us wanted to continue meeting that way. It was time to make some life changing decisions. I had to decide if I wanted to move to New Jersey, leaving my home and some of my animals behind. My youngest son was in the USAF, so he was not living with me any more. Living alone was hard, and knowing not much was going to improve there. My business was doing well, but I had a great Manager who could run things and I could commute back and forth. My ex would keep the house and maintain the animals I could not take with me. I had to sell my horses, so that was tough, and ended up taking my yorkie and my tabby cat with me.

Once the decision is made, I started the process.

Continued in next Chapter..