Donations Needed for Storm Victims

Blog4girls is helping victims who have suffered loss during the most recent storms.  WE need your help!  Providing clothing, toiletries and household goods is how we use the funding, and we are running out of both.  You can help by donating even 10.00 dollars.  Imagine having financial distress already from Medical expenses and not being able to support yourself, then combine that with the most recent storm events, and it escalates to the point of defeat.  We need to help those who are breaking down and giving up.

If you can not donate then at least provide someone a comforting ear and listen.   We provide counseling, and relief funding to help those who are at their breaking point.

Just remember, this could be you, or someone you know.  How would you want the world to respond?  Think about that, next time you take a deaf ear, or turn away.  Thank you for your on going support.

Pets need help too, ask “Peanut” and he will answer your pet concerns aftermaths of Storms and how they affect our Pets and Animals who are forgotten.