Welcome One of our Newest Contributors “Angels On Your Pillow” Author Karen Kelly

So proud to be a part and a friend of this Amazing Blog, https://www.angelsonyourpillow.com/through-darkness-into-light/  Website and close friends with the Author, Karen Lee Kelly.  Please feel free to view their featured story for June, which is my story.  https://www.angelsonyourpillow.com/through-darkness-into-light/  Karen had interviewed me while she was here for our ITEX Regional Conference, for an article she wanted to publish for her June edition.  Karen just recently completed and published her Second Book, her First Book was a huge success and is totally amazing, like her.  She has a web presence, a blog and continues to work her ITEX Franchise full time.  What a Woman and what a inspiration.  Remember readers, this Blog site is totally dedicated to Women, and occasionally we do mention men, but the general rule is all about Women and the issues and clouds that tend to follow us day to day.

The “Angel” Story about me is Titled “Through Darkness into the Light”  basically is a summarization of my life from my younger years without to much detail, and eloquently written by some very exceptional writers who work with Karen.  So much has happened in my life and most of the critical events are chronicled in my blog, however, this story so well written gives readers a general overview of who and am and why.  Please feel free to visit the site and read not only my story but those of other courageous and outstanding people who make a difference in others lives every day.  The books are not just for children, many adults like me find solace in reading them.  I know I have, and selfish me, kept my gift from Karen, so I guess it is time for me to purchase some more and give them to my Children and Grandchildren.   Karen’s books are available on many online stores and book retailers.  I think you can even purchase off her website.

Someday I hope to publish my book, until then I will continue to provide my book via my blog.  Thanks to all who follow and read, and may you and your families always know, You do have “Angels on your Pillows”.  I know I do.