Cheating Death

It has been said that some of us may be Prophets, and until we have completed our duties as “Prophets” we will remain on this earth. For many years I have often wondered why am I still alive and why others whom I feel worthy of a full and long life have been taken home. In conclusion to my search for truth and reason, I had a revelation realizing that the decision was not mine and that a much higher power determined our fate.

With the current climate of religion being attacked, it is hard to grasp what is truly real, and what is not. Evolution is real, however, it is yet to be determined how much spiritual power has over facts verses fiction. Personally, I chose both. I truly believe a spiritual power exists and always have, I believe there is a much higher power that is in control of our destiny and our role on earth. I also believe there is good and evil, and rulers of both. The problem lies in which will over power our being and when.

As a believer one must understand and realize that things that happen whether good or bad, for a reason. Hard to swallow at times, especially when it appears to be so unjust. Especially when it involves children or those who appear to be saints or devils. You see someone who does not seem to be deserving getting all the greatness of life and prosperity, then see someone who appears to be good, kind and full of love taken way to soon, or an innocent young life taken before taking their first step. Again, we sit in confusion, doubt and disbelief, questioning faith and who has control. Is it Evil or Good?

Then you look into your own soul, and your life and wonder why am I still here. or on the flip side, why do I continue to suffer horrific tragedies. Knowing you are not perfect, you have made plenty of mistakes, poor judgements, and continue to breath. Deep down you are a good person, and your heart is true, you are a humanitarian and love being generous even when you really can’t afford it, but you continue to maintain. You are tolerant, understanding and believe that in general people are good.

So as a very smart and influential person once shared with me years ago, “you are here for a reason, and until you have completed your mission for God, you remain on earth. No one truly ever knows when their time is up, and it is not for anyone to decide. Knowing you have Cheated death more than a few times, is a major indicator, God wants you here and your time is not up yet. Prophets are those who are soldiers of a higher power, and come in many shapes and sizes. They are not always mirrors of perfection, and do have their flaws. In order to grow, save and lead new followers, you must be able to relate and understand those who need your guidance. Having experienced all you have in trials and treasures, you remain on this earth to share and hopefully touch many souls. We are all on borrowed time and on Loan, only our Higher Power can determine for how long.”

So in closing, if you too have wondered about your journey on earth and question the “What’s and Why’s” You too may be a Prophet of a much higher power, so enjoy the ride and know just how special you truly are.