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  • Maria

    “Life May End”

    Maria has now lost her battle with Leukemia, and so she goes to the heavens to be with the Lord.  As a servant, and an Angel to watch over us and her beloved family.  Maria may have lost the battle she fought for almost a year, …

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  • Maria

    Fund Raiser for a Very Special Lady and Friend

    Help us help a very close Friend and Fellow ITEX Franchise Owner/Broker Friday, June 13 at 5:30pm – 8:30pm St Mary’s Greek Orthodox Church 3450 Irving Ave S, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55408 HOME MADE SPAGHETTI DINNER FUNDRAISER FOR MARIA DOMEK IN HER FIGHT AGAINST LEUKEMIA This …

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  • Cancersupport

    Luekemia Battles Maria

    For over a year, Maria has been battling this deadly disease, and even went through a bone marrow transplant.  Spending months in a hospital and back in the hospital again due to severe pain issues.  Maria is one of my dearest friends, and is one …

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  • Coop Color12012 Approved Logo

    ITEX in Houston

    Dear Blog Reader, If you are looking for a payment method that is better than cash, check out our video:  Copy and paste to your browser if clicking on the link does not work. Support our Mission by donating ITEX.  A great alternative to …

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  • Need Sponsors/Advertisers

    We can not accomplish our mission on this blog site unless we can get sponsors and advertisers.  Please help us help others and keep this blog going.  We reach thousands of people and anyone who advertises or becomes one of our sponsors will get great …

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  • Sunset

    “Fight for Air Climbing” for a Worthy Cause

    Anytime I can help someone beat a disease or bring attention to cause that needs our support, that is what my blog is all about, why I put my E-Book here, pouring my soul out about myself, my family, my missions and my knowledge about …

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  • Philis S. 1997

    Show US Real Beauty!

    We are getting ready to kick off our “Naturally Beautiful” Photo Contest on our site, if you have anyone who would like to enter, have them register on the blog-site, and I will get in contact with them and get them entered. In honor …

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  • Philis S. 1996

    “Big Hearts Little Tears” Why?

    My Blog is and always will be a dedication to truth, honesty and for all women to be liberated and no longer suppressed in their visions, their dreams, their goals or their opinions. Many women still today find it very hard to not only be …

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  • Macie Lepard Suit

    “Big Hearts Little Tears” Status Symbols

    This Chapter touches several subject topics. As a child growing up in the 50’s & 60’s, I wanted to touch on some more tabu subjects not talked about or rarely referenced. The subject matter will include Status Symbols, (how having children) was mandatory for status, …

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  • Water Lilies

    “Our Journey Through a Cancer Diagnosis”

    A Story shared by one of our dedicated Readers. Cameron Von St. James Our Journey With A Cancer Diagnosis Taking care of a family when a spouse has been diagnosed with mesothelioma is no easy task. My wife and I often look back to the …

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