“Big Hearts Little Tears” Why?

My Blog is and always will be a dedication to truth, honesty and for all women to be liberated and no longer suppressed in their visions, their dreams, their goals or their opinions. Many women still today find it very hard to not only be listened too, but to speak out at all. Why is that? We hear and read all the time how Women have come so far, and are so accredited with so many things and ideas, yet we still hear just as many who are not. We have come a long way to where we once were, however we still have a much longer way to go.

In this chapter, we are going to talk about depression, being discriminated, and not receiving credit for ideas or important decisions we have made.

Does that surprise you? Well, it should not. It still happens, it is still often over looked or ignored.

Whether some want to believe it or not, the male gender still has the upper hand.

Though many men, have proven worthy of supporting women’s rights, there are still those who do not. And, what is really the kicker is, there are those few Women who agree with those men.

In all honesty, I did not have a good male role model growing up. The only men I knew as a child were fathers separated from their families, or males pursuing my mother. All with many negative attributes. They were either womanizers, drinkers, or abusers. Take your pick…I have seen them all.

The saddest of all, are those who carry all those traits. The funniest part to this, the excuses people tend to give in their behalf for their behaviors. “Must have had an abusive Mother.” or “Had no Mother” or “Their Father must have been that way.” Excuses only satisfy those who make them.

Bottom line, there is no excuse for any one persons behavior, other than themselves.

Almost everyone I know personally has grown up in what some would classify as a dysfunctional environment. Yet, they grow up to be great human beings, and present a wonderful attitude and make great role models. So, what makes them any different than others who have been exposed to the same type of environment? Easy, Themselves! The are accountable, to no one other than themselves.

Growing up in my very dysfunctional environment, I had a choice. To follow in my parents footsteps or make my own way. Yes, all the mistakes and bad decisions, I take full responsibility. Yet, my road still brought me to a better place than the one I left.

I still had to fight for my rights, my accomplishments and my place in life. If anything good came out of my up bringing it is my will to fight and survive. Though my naive way of thinking left me at times feeling “I should have fought or questioned things.” I still turned out to be a pretty good person. Even with all the negative treatment, abuse and trauma I have suffered, I still have a belief in humans. I have been accused of being to trusting, to caring, to naive. And that has cost me sometimes.

Trust me, I was no Angel growing up, I had a serious stubborn streak, and some even accused me of being rebellious at times. I am very opinionated and vocal. However, on a good day, I can be very diplomatic and always fair.

Some have asked me, if I “Hate” men…or if my experiences have tainted my opinions of men in general. In all honesty no, Hate is a very strong word, and I do not feel that for anyone, or anything. Do I tend to question the intentions of men? Yes, I do, however I do the same with women.
So, I guess I am not really one way or another when it comes to men. Each one I encounter, I try to be fair, and allow them to be themselves, and do not judge them.

I am very married and love my husband very much. In respect to my ex-husbands, I loved them in my own way, and have no regrets.

I do have very close male friends, and I find at times, I tend to relate better to men. I guess for the most part, most women I have met or encountered, have different agendas, and interests.
My Mother was so mean to me at times, and I saw sides of her I never liked, that tends to prey upon my opinions of some women as well. When I see women who show the same traits, I have a tendency to try and avoid them.

No matter what my opinions are of anyone, I still hold true to my cause. And because of women like my mother, I feel if she could have shined, as deserved in her younger life, maybe she would have turned out different.

My goal is to help young women and men if possible be the best they can be, and get acknowledged.

I also want to be able to help those in need, who can not seem to get a break. Medical problems, leading to financial ruin, is not fair for anyone.
If my blog can raise funds to help others who truly need it, then I will continue to write my book, and express my thoughts in my blog.

I still want my blog to be a place where all can come and express, share and vent.

In this chapter, we will discuss discrimination, depression, & Adultery. How it affects us, our children and the people around us. Stay tuned*