“Causes worth Sacrafice”

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“Causes worth Sacrafice”

As a strong supporter of many causes, we all come to a time in our lives when we have to chose which one deserves more time, more financial support and more dedication. Cancer is a cause which I feel I can never give up on, or stop supporting.

Given that I am a fighter, and I will never quit on trying to help support a cure, I do have another passion that I feel needs a lot of attention right now.

Obesity, is now climbing to the top of the list as a leading cause of death. Maybe not it self, but as a creator of other illness that will eventually kill. It will soon take the lead even ahead of smoking.

What’s worse, it is affecting our children and grandchildren. Children who tend to be over weight, will become overweight adults. We as their parents and teachers, should realize we are doing our children a dis-justice by allowing them to get this way. Good nutrition, and discipline starts in the home and at a very early age. As I watch my own grandchildren grow up, I get very upset on how my own Children are raising them. Nothing like how I was raised or how I raised them.
Parents today, take a different approach to almost everything. From Dietary to Sleeping, parents today are much more lenient than we were 20-30 years ago. The only reason I can come up with on why, and I know this might ruffle some feathers, is Laziness. We all know it is much easier to give in, than to stand your ground. Thank God, we as parents were more stubborn.

I see that in my own children, giving in, when I would have said NO and meant it.

Parents of today, you are not doing your children any favors by being passive.

They are growing up to be less active, eating way to much junk food, and on top of that not getting enough sleep. So, how do we impress on you to change your ways before it is to late?

Realizing not all parents are this way, more are than not. Children today, are less mannered, less polite, less following instructions, and are paying for it, in their growth.

We have to take a stand if we are going to save them.

That is my take on this subject what is yours?

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