Show US Real Beauty!

We are getting ready to kick off our “Naturally Beautiful” Photo Contest on our site, if you have anyone who would like to enter, have them register on the blog-site, and I will get in contact with them and get them entered. In honor of all women who have been victims of Cancer. Beauty is not artificial, or covered. We are looking for those Photo’s where women are proud of who they are, how they look and believe Natural Beauty far exceeds any make up or wigs that hide their true beauty. To much pressure is placed on Men and Women to be the ultimate Trophy, not on our blog. We want to see and appreciate REAL Beauty. Great Prizes await the winners and we are also looking for Sponsors. Voting will be by you, so stay tuned in and visit our blog to get more information. Must be 18 or older to enter. Deadline to submit photos and bio is May 12, 2013.