Luekemia Battles Maria

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Luekemia Battles Maria

For over a year, Maria has been battling this deadly disease, and even went through a bone marrow transplant.  Spending months in a hospital and back in the hospital again due to severe pain issues.  Maria is one of my dearest friends, and is one of the strongest women I have ever had the pleasure to know and proud to call her my sweet friend for many years now.  Maria has two children, grown, Alex and Jami.  Her fabulous husband Phil, is a rock and has been by her side unconditionally for the entire battle.  Maria is fighting hard and winning her battle, but is now in need of help financially.  There has been fundraisers, and another is scheduled for June.  Sadly, it is never enough.  Rising health care costs and limits on insurances has left them in financial distress and the bills keep coming.  One way you can help is donating to her next Fund Raiser.  I am also taking donations right here on my blog site.  If you donate here, please indicate it is for Maria Domek.  100% of all proceeds will go to her and her family.


Friday, June 13 at 5:30pm
Your Generosity and kindness along with lots of prayers is greatly needed and appreciated.  Give to a cause that makes a real difference, not to ones who do not deserve the help!  What do I mean?  Well, like to Mothers who leave their children in a hot car, while she goes into an interview for a job.  Or a bus monitor who gets bullied verbally  by some kids on a bus route. All deserve our sympathy, and concern, however theirs is not a life and death situation, and the amount of money that has been donated and raised in their behalf is ridiculous!  Donate to save a life!

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