Child Support, Dead beat parents?

More press came out about how involved the Feds and other agencies are trying hard to collect unpaid child support. There are so many parents who do not pay, and this should not be an issue, because if parents cared, and took responsibility for their children, we would live in a perfect world. Guess what? …

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“No Holes Bard”

About this Blog, and purpose of the blog. What’s on your mind?  This blog will cover many subjects and promote sound dialog from you the reader.  My goal is to write about things that matter, that affect our lives, and gather informative information from contributors on various subjects. “No Holes Bard” is a statement, that …

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ITEX in Houston

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Welcome to

Slowly but surely, we are getting started and Thanks to the Great Tech support people at I am doing this all by my self, see girls we can do anything if we just put our minds to it…more to come. This site is totally dedicated to all girls, youngsters and matured by age.  We …

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