Presidential Race “Say What?”

Personally, I have not seen one candidate that just sticks out as a front runner. I am truly disappointed in the choices, and wish we could get a person who we all can feel we can trust, honor and respect.
All we seem to do is trade one bad apple for another.
We need to Clean House, and get new blood all the way around.
The problem is, no one wants a honest, down to earth candidate, because we never want to hear truths, or what truly needs to be done to correct and improve our government, and if we did have some in the White house like that, they would get creamed by the “old” establishment.
Seems like all we do is trade one liar for another, one puppet for another, and one selfish, self centered over ambitious egotistical idiot for another.
Since Abraham Lincoln, which even his ethics were questionable, have we ever had any one sit in the oval office who truly showed integrity, honesty, and who was not in it for his own agenda?
I would like to know….come on let’s get a dialog going here.

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