Helping a Family in Need*

Verne Christensen, passed away Friday, and left a family heart broken and in need of help. Verne’s wife is a very ill person, and on many medications to help her continue life. Their only son, a Marine, is going to be deployed to Afghanistan very soon, and will not be able to offer much support. Verne was the strength, and sole supporter of his family, and now that he is gone, they have no means to pay for on going financial obligations, must less a Funeral. His death was very sudden, and nothing lead them to believe he would be leaving them. He appeared very healthy, and other than a disability which kept him from working full time somewhere, it never stopped his on going of doing odd jobs, working on cars and boats to support his family. Unfortunately, only able to live sparingly, there was and is no savings, no insurances, nothing to help his Wife continue to support a home, or her medical and living needs. Verne is my husbands only Brother, and we want to do all we can to help them.
Like so many other families out there, unable to support themselves, due to illness, and disabilities, we want to try and help our family as much as we can. In honor of all who suffer loss, whether it be to a Terminal Illness, or unexpected injury or organ failure, all need our help.
Please help us, in honor of Verne, and all victims left in need. Accepting donations to help them. Just click on the “Donation” button on the Side bar of our blog, and please Put for Verne’s Family. All donations small or large will be appreciated and a letter of your kindness will be given. Thank You.

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