“Big Hearts Little Tears” continues

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“Big Hearts Little Tears” continues


This story you will find, is very difficult to read some of the areas I will or have written about. To clarify, everything in my story is true, and is just as hard for me to reveal. The sole purpose of my book is to show how well I can relate to many situations and tragedies many of you may have shared. To prove my expertise in areas many I pray never have to endure, or suffer. I also want my children and Grandchildren to know all about me, and some of their family’s history. (Things they may not know) I have already shared some things about my family that are very sensitive and dysfunctional. You have not read anything yet. Hang on tight!

In this book, you will see how I have managed to overcome many obstacles, like family addictions, abuse both mentally, and physically. Being Molested, raped, beaten up, kidnapped, robbed, my home burning down, discriminated, bullied, and the list goes on…yes, me, I have lived through more than most, and have been blessed in many ways.

My book leads into all of the above, and continues to prove, you can overcome and survive almost anything if you have a strong will, and have positive determination. Just keep reading and I am positive, it will bring you tears one minute, and make you smile the next.

Stay tuned, and keep supporting our mission…

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PhilisJust a Mother, Wife, Career working individual with lots to share. Experienced in lots of things that might help others, and want others to join in our share. Published Author and Career Women, who believes in being able to speak freely and openly about any subject considered important to all. My main mission is to fight and win the battle of Cancer that takes to many lives everyday. I want to see a Cure and will continue to raise awareness and funding to see that happen. If not in my lifetime, but in the life times of my kids and grand kids.View all posts by Philis

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