“Freeloaders? Really?” Health Care Bill

The more I hear politicians talk about the Obama Health Care Bill, the madder I get. Some areas are with in reason, but the comments being made regarding penalties or tax as they propose them, really makes my little hairs on my arms and neck stand straight up.

The penalties will be imposed on those who can afford insurance, but refuse to pay for it, and take advantage of “Free” health care. Are you kidding me?

If we can afford insurance we pay for insurance, why would be able to afford a tax, if we can not afford insurance? And, for most who do not have insurance due to lack of funds to pay for it, generally pay the bills they get when they do go or don’t go to the doctor or the hospitals even if they should. Not all fall under the umbrella of liability as described by our Leaders!

For years I have paid extremely high premiums, had large deductibles, and never used my policies. And when I did the few times I went for a check up or something, I never even met the deductible. For myself, I could not afford to keep paying thousands of dollars per year, and not one time got any benefit from it, other than making others richer, or helping illegals get their Free Health CARE!

Tell the Truth, like in Texas, premiums are higher here, because of all the FREE Health Care received by immigrants, who don’t pay taxes, and damn sure don’t pay for insurances. Why should I be penalized for our Nation allowing illegals FREE Care? Or all the people on the Medicaid Rolls?

I can not afford the premiums, and therefore I do not take advantage of anything. I don’t go to the hospitals, I don’t go to the Doctors, I self medicate and self treat. How dare you tax me!

People wonder why some get angry? This is a prime example of why TAX Paying Citizens get angry…
Are you kidding Me????

How DARE YOU!!!!!!! I have never gotten anything for free, and yet, witness those who could pay taxes or for health care, get by with paying nothing because of who they are, or because they can scream discrimination if they don’t.

I work hard everyday to survive, I pay taxes, I support others who deserve help, and yet, when I need to keep food on the table and a roof over my head, which at the time is more important than my own health, I get told I will have to pay a TAX because I can not afford to pump more money into the Insurances coffers. Well, I think there better be some serious truths revealed quick, or I see nothing but a lot of angry souls like me kicking down doors.

What is next? What will be enforced on us, and how much will it really cost us?

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  2. Superb read, I just passed this onto a colleague who was performing a little research on that. And he in fact bought me lunch because I found it for him smile So let me rephrase that.

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