Women Step Up While others need to step Down

As a career woman, mother and grandmother, I can honestly say this topic is very difficult to discuss for me.
As one party states “Stay at Home Mom” or “Career Woman” by choice. “Never having to work a day in her life” Really?

Let’s start with the “Choice” comment.
I had to go to work, or I would have starved to death. Is that my Choice, or circumstances that control our destiny?

I am also a Mother, working 90% of my life, due to necessity, and in a generation where some males demanded the wives stay home, while others demand, “Do your part” to help support the family.

I have enjoyed having a career, and being a MOM, however, I do not appreciate being stereo typed that it is a choice or luxury we all have.

First and foremost, financially, never was fortunate enough to fall into loads of money, or have a silver spoon in my mouth. From the tender age of Eleven, I have worked to earn spending money and even support my own educational needs.

Or as some women, married into money…
I have always worked very hard to earn a living, and have no regrets, and have shared with my spouse the roll of supporting a living.

I can honestly say, knowing Stay at Home Moms, and raising children, I know for a fact it is a hard job, with very little appreciation, respect, or compensation. For anyone to disrespect Mothers of any situation, is down right rude, and unforgivable.

Most important, why are we even having this discussion? Again, Women getting second rated for making choices if they can, and again Men never having to explain or justify their choices or roles in the home or in careers..Why?

5 thoughts on “Women Step Up While others need to step Down”

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