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Educating women about breast cancer and working together to find the cure. Blog4Girls is a place all women can go and express and explore areas not normally openly discussed or maybe uncomfortable to talk about.

Coming together to fight for a cause

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Helping women with real life situations and emotions! The goal is to bring openness, and honesty to a world that tends to color coat things or accept unwillingly.

Finding a Cure

Coming together to find the cure! I do this for a cause, I want to see Breast Cancer out of our vocabulary. Maybe not in my lifetime, but hopefully in the lifetimes of our children or grandchildren.

Helping women with support and knowledge.

  • Women Need to Unite*Bring on The Fight


    To many people are trying to take away our freedoms, and it is time it stopped. No one has the right to tell anyone how or why they should live, in regards to marriage, education, careers, or control maternal wishes. Living in America, being an …

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  • “Till Death do Us Part”


    Did you know cell phones are now considered a lethal weapon in your vehicle? Traveling in speeds of up to 400 miles per hour or more when hurled by an airbag released upon impact of an accident. Pretty scary when you imagine the damage it …

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  • “Daughters without Mothers”


    “My Daughter-in-Law with my granddaughters” She lost her biological Mother a few years ago. In dedication to her and my friend Liz Barthlow who passed away December 2011. A friend of mine is getting a new Non-Profit which will be dedicated to “Daughters without Mothers”. …

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  • Crush Rush


    Are you kidding me? You know this is not the first time Rush Limbaugh has made distasteful comments about other people or situations. When are people going to finally realize what a real idiot he really is? Whether we agree or disagree with his views …

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  • Why are we still so under rated?


    I was watching the “Today Show” and they had a panel discussion involving women in the work place, still having issues with “worth”. With all the evolution of technology, science, and life in general. We are still battling the fight of equality in the Work …

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  • Fallin’ Angel


    Whitney Houston, died Saturday from unknown causes at this time, what a shame and waste of a beautiful and talented woman. So many strive all their lives to achieve a small portion of what God had Granted her, and to see such a human being …

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  • Presidential Race “Say What?”


    Personally, I have not seen one candidate that just sticks out as a front runner. I am truly disappointed in the choices, and wish we could get a person who we all can feel we can trust, honor and respect. All we seem to do …

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  • Child Support, Dead beat parents?


    More press came out about how involved the Feds and other agencies are trying hard to collect unpaid child support. There are so many parents who do not pay, and this should not be an issue, because if parents cared, and took responsibility for their …

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  • “No Holes Bard”


    About this Blog, and purpose of the blog. What’s on your mind?  This blog will cover many subjects and promote sound dialog from you the reader.  My goal is to write about things that matter, that affect our lives, and gather informative information from contributors …

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  • Weloveitex

    ITEX in Houston


    ITEX is the Largest Business to Business Member Based Trading Community in North America. Visit: and if you use our official Promotional Code CCPC3100 when you join, discounted memberships for those who join from our Blogsite. Go to Advertising button to purchase. $795.00 Get …

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