Bullies definitely have self esteem issues

Going off the book right now, I decided it was time to approach this very serious issue. Not new, bullying, has been around since the evolution of Man Kind. Instead of trying to band aide the problem or teach people how to defend or ignore, we need to find a solution to the underlying problem.
Self Esteem comes to mind.
In some respects, people or kids who bully are usually not very happy people anyway.
They have something in their beings which creates and generates anger, depression, or simply put, just not happy self confident beings.

If we as a caring society to get to the bottom of their issues and try to help them, it might decrease the amount of bullying going down now.

Jealousy is another character trait that reflects negative behavior. Again, stemming from self esteem. If we feel good about ourselves, happy with ourselves and love ourselves, we have no need or reason to dislike or bully others.

Consider it like rehabilitating a criminal, if we worked on helping to rid negative behavior by finding the source and fixing it, the person in question would be less likely to do it again.

Stop wasting time on advertising the problem, and put more action into helping the problem resolve itself.