Continued-Chapter Two

As one can imagine, being a beautiful young lady, it was not hard to be swept off her feet. Dashing Lieutenant in the Air Force just did.

They married, moved to Louisiana, and started their new life together. Mother had a secret though, she had been married for a brief time, prior to this marriage, but it was never really talked about, and I know very little about it. After graduating from High School, she was dating and had gotten into a serious relationship with a young man which then lead to pregnancy. During that period of time, that was not talked about nor brought out into the open, if possible. A quick civil ceremony was performed, and a baby boy was born soon after. All kept pretty hidden from the public. My Half Brother, was a great kid, and had been raised by his Father. My mother soon after he was born, left the relationship and him. She had visitation rights, and did her best to see him as much as she could, but was totally forbidden to have him live with her, which at the time, she had moved back in with my grandparents. Folks back then did not take issues like these lightly. It was considered Sinful, and unacceptable. Especially if you were raised Roman Catholic.

Thank Goodness his father was able to care for him and his parents took him in with loving arms.

Now Married to an Officer, My mother felt some of her dreams had come true. Living a pretty good life, having a Nanny to take care of me, while she scampered off to the hair dressers, and getting her nails done and having tea with other officers wives.

Story has it, and believe me I was told this so many times it became sickening, my mother and father had a tough time getting pregnant, so they sought the help of a Fertility Specialists..yes, they apparently had those even back then.

I am the product of a “Test Tube” according to my mother. Gee, doesn’t that make you feel all warm and fuzzy…

The problem with that is, she never let me forget it…..To be Continued….

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