Our Cause Needs your Support!

A very good friend of mine had generated a really cool FOB for our Cause, you can own one of these very unique pieces by just donating $50.00 or more to our Very worthy cause. Helping people with Terminal Illness or Families who have suffered loss because of a loved one dying from an illness. We have made it very simple to donate. Or better yet, advertise your business on our Blog, and I will personally send you some FOB’s. They make great gifts, or for your own use. These are our way of reminding others we still have a problem, that needs to be cured and with our efforts a cure will come. If you would like to purchase these FOB’s you can email my friend, and let her know, how many, where to ship, and submit for payment request. Go to my link “Gift for Donations” to retrieve contact email information.
We have several families we are trying to help at this time, and our blog needs your support!

You will receive a letter of receipt, and it can be used as a Tax Deduction.

We also use our resources to help Families and Members of the Military who are currently deployed or are back home trying to get their lives and incomes back in order.

Advertise or Donate, we need your help, and want to help others.

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