Movie Theater Massacre

Tipper Speaks Out!
Movie Theater Massacre

Such a tragedy the senseless murders and injuries brought upon innocent patrons of a movie theater. What drives a person to commit such acts of violence and harm upon fellow human beings? As our hearts and minds try to absorb such a horrific act, how do we move forward and stop acts like this from happening? How can we prevent such crimes?

With our Country suffering loss of life everyday to illness, accidents, age, and combat, what drives another to commit unjustifiable killings and injury? There are no defined answers to any of these questions, however, we can all ban together to what ever we can to help victims and try to reach out to those who may need help before they commit such acts. Could this have been prevented? We will probably never know, and it will take years for experts to determine the triggers that plagued this young man.

The opinion of many is possibly to much violent content in movies, video games, and television. What’s your thought, we’d like to know.

Keep all those families and those still fighting for their lives in your thoughts and prayers.

I have four paws, two ears, a mouth, and a brain, maybe I can help take a bite out of crime too! Stop all the violence and learn to love, and even lick a face or two! I do everyday…I love my family!