“Two Important Causes are recognized in October”

My Blog is dedicated to the physical and mental health of all women.  October is the month dedicated to the Awareness of both Breast Cancer and Domestic Violence.  As Founder of this blog and Supporter of Both Causes, I strongly advise we all take time to recognize both are life and death situations to many among us.  I pray you who read are not victims of either.  Unfortunately, for some of us who are, we must as survivors or ones who have lost someone to these tragedies, remember we need to continue to fight and stop both always not just one month a year.

My blog reached thousands of readers every day, and I always hope by reaching out and touching someone every day, we will make a difference and gain momentum on our fight for a Cure.

I am not one who judges or writes stories based on fiction.  My writings are real, honest, and sometimes come with a punch.  Life comes with lots of punches and rose coloring those is not my goal.  My goal is to be a voice for all of us who have witnessed first hand the horrible effects of Cancers, Violence, Terminal illness, discrimination, employment abuse, parental abuse, criminal abuse, and gender abuse.

Most of my writings deal with all subjects related to those areas.  I write about my life, my experiences, and how these areas affect others.  I currently have my E-book streaming on this blog, with several more chapters to go.

Without re-inventing the wheel, most subject matter has already been revealed in the various writings on my site.  I encourage my readers to share their stories, their feelings and keep it honest and real.

At some point in our lives we have been touched by someone who helped make a difference, I am hoping by sharing on my blog, it will help others know first and foremost, they are not alone, and they can get support and help for whatever their cause or mission maybe.  We are not a Licensed Non-Profit organization, we are one soul, reaching out to others and hope we can generate more awareness and can drive more to be enlisted in Rocking a Cure for both our causes.  So our daughters, granddaughters, nieces and sisters will be able to have a better future.  A future without Cancer or any terminal illness, a future without Violence of any nature, a future without discrimination or abuse.  This is my goal and mission.  Please make it yours.  If you are reading this today, Thank You.  Now go out and Make a Difference.

Donations and Ads sold for our site are all re-gifted to those in need.  They are not charitable contributions, they are life lines.