Newtown Tragedy

There is never a clear answer to this type of act. We all tend to become very opinionated, and speculate reason. There is only one answer to any question regarding this act of violence. It has no direct answer.

Questions come, “why us? why our school? why our town? and why my child, friend, or loved one?”

There is no definitive answer to any of those questions.

The same questions are asked in all tragic events. Car Crashes, Fires, terminal illnesses, suicides, home invasions, and the list goes on and on.

In situations where it involves people hurting people, you must first look at the person committing the harm. The underlying cause or reason behind their anger, rage, and depression.

Desperate acts of violence comes in all shapes, sizes and types.

The Question we need to ask is What, When and Why.

There are medical and psychological reasons to some, an in-balanced chemistry, or an emotional crisis.
What ever the reason, we as a society need to become more aware of the people around us, and become more educated to signs and signals that could be a warning and help us prevent such atrocities.

If you see a person crossing a street in front of a moving vehicle, you would stop them, or stop them from stepping off a cliff. Mental and emotional dangers should be recognized in the same way.

Immediately, people tend to voice opinions on weapons used in tragic events. Not keeping in mind, People kill people, not the weapons. Whether it be a Vehicle, a knife, a gun, poison, or emotional abuse, it is all an act of another human being.

If we want to reduce these acts of cruelty and violence, we need to fix and repair the human element.

In today’s society, people are more engaged in areas that tend to separate fantasy from reality. Staying focused on self indulgence, and less on what is happening under their noses. Parents having to work to have more for their families, not realizing that what they really need is more quality family time together. Surviving in a world that is moving so vastly in Technology, and just trying to keep up is a chore. Some putting to much attention into being on top or having the best. In teaching, we need to put more attention to building the characters of our children, putting back manners, morals and respect. These attributes are the back bone of creating a better world and one with less violence.

As I observe younger generations today, I take serious notice of the lack of manners, morals and respect. To much self absorb individuals, with their own agendas.

When children act out, we immediately take notice and try to figure out why and what we can do to correct their behavior. First comes the excuses, then we want to band-aid it with prescription drugs or therapy. As young adults act out, we tend to blame their weapons, and society. Wake up people, you are the society…and you are the only fix.

For the young man who committed this act of violence, I would guess, he had mental issues and needed serious help. Could this all have been avoided? Reality Check. Maybe, but now we will never know, and it is to late for those who lost their lives, but it is never to late to stop it from happening again. It is time we all take a good look at our own surroundings and try to identify and be more aware of people, and the events that affect people.

No more speculations or excuses, use those energies to help prevent and cure the illnesses that generate these actions in the first place.

That is my take on this problem, what is yours? I invite your comments and suggestions as always. We also need to get more sponsors on our blog to support our missions. Please help us help others.