“It’s My Body and I’ll Do What I Want To!”

Don’t you just love it when others who don’t have a clue about you or the challenges you face telling you what to do, when to do it, and how to do it?

In my next Chapter of “Big Tears Little Hearts” I will be discussing some rather controversial topics involving Women’s Rights.

If you have a weak heart, or weak stomach do not read this chapter.

I will make a few comments now about my personal feelings when it comes to opinions of others and how contradiction seems to play a part of those opinions.

If you have not guessed it by now, I am Pro-Women making their own decisions when it is applicable.
And against hypocrites who tend to talk out both sides of their mouths. I do not feel the government or policy makers have the right to tell any women what is in her best interest or what they can do regarding their bodies. Especially when it comes to situations beyond their control, and can not afford to live with the consequences due to those situations. Most is common sense, and most women I know, will make the right decisions if allowed too.

I do find some critics of birth rights are very careless of raising children or in their marriages, and yet are so full of advice and critical of others. Like, preaching the gospel, then sleeping with their neighbors spouses, or leaving their children alone at home unsupervised or giving them cell phones and computers under age so they can provide pictures to sex predators. See any conflict of interest here?

Or how about this, providing smart phones to young kids and teenagers that are of driving age, how responsible is that? So they can text and talk while driving..even though they are told not too..we were all young once..did you always listen to your parents? Smart phones, and all hand held devices should be reclassified and lethal weapons.. More to come…Let’s Talk about Abortion, Incest, and Rape.

Stay tuned for my next Chapter, and anyone interested in the REAL Hard Back Book, leave your comments, the Book will be out next year for all to enjoy and read.