Big Tears Little Hearts

Born in Italy, two very young boys travel across the Atlantic to begin a new life and to become American Citizens. Ellis Island is the first step, seeing Lady Liberty is their first visual. Had to be very overwhelming for two young boys.

Part of becoming a citizen of the United States of America, joining the US Army. In time for WW1. First Home base would be Ft. Sam Houston, San Antonio, Texas. One would be stationed in PA.
The brother station at Ft. Sam, was my grandfather.

After his enlistment, he met my Grandmother. Very young and beautiful, married a year later. My grandmother helped educate and taught my grandfather proper English, he spoke broken English, enough to get him in the Army, but my grandmother was able to help him refine his vocabulary.

My Grandfather was a true patriot, he loved America, and fought for America in two World Wars.
He was Sam Houston, Jr.’s Private aide, in WW1, horse Calvary, and was awarded many medals and a Personal Letter from Harry S. Truman.

After a very long and trying time in the Service, he retired, went to work for the Sheriffs Department, then opened up an ICE House. He had made so many friends in the Army, they would if able, come by and visit often. One of his best friends while serving was Dizzy Dean, the professional Baseball player, I still have pictures of my grandfather and Dizzy, while serving and after. They were very close.
Even have one of me bouncing on his knee.

Born in the 30’s, my mother was the apple of my grandfather’s eye. Not able to spend much time with her, due to the wars, as he aged, he began to make more effort to be a part of her life.

Though struck down at an early age, of 57, my grandfather lived life well, and was loved by so many. Only 5’8″ he was powerful.

My Mother, was raised in a very strict Italian home. Roman Catholic, and went to a Private Catholic School. My grandmother, a beauty in her own right, strawberry blonde, petite and very soft spoken, loved my grandfather and my mother so much she gave up her teaching career for them.

My Mother was quite the mix of their personalities, beautiful, Auburn Hair, olive skin and the greenest eyes I have ever seen. She was a knock out. 5’6″ slender, and well built.
Very attractive, meant hard to handle..

Coming from a very strict home, she defied and argued the “Rules” a lot.

Even as a teenager, she was a rebel. Smart, and good looking, she left huge impressions on everyone she encountered. She was Crowned “Ms.Curity” Was an extra in the movie “Picnic” and had a budding Nurse career in the works. She was a Fashion Model, and when I was very young her and I use to model together, providing “Mother Daughter” fashion photos. After going through Modeling School, she always had offers and lots of work. In those days, Natural beauty was a very hot commodity. There was no air brushing, or tons of Make-up used, nor was there much plastic surgery. If you had natural beauty you could virtually write your own ticket.

On her way to success and fame, she met my father.
A young Lieutenant in the Air Force, going through some kind of training in San Antonio, from California. His initial entry into the service was the Navy, flying fighter jets, then crossed over when that was allowed into the USAF. As a viewer of a Fiesta Parade, held every year in downtown San Antonio, he spotted my mother on a float. Determined to met her, he followed the float to where it stopped, and ……to be continued..

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