A New President – Brings New Direction

Normally, I do not like discussing politics on my blog.  So consider this article a summation of thoughts and insights.  Now that the Elections are over, and our New 45th President and Vice-President have been sworn in to office it is so important that we do not lose touch or distort the most recent events.

It is not important who we voted for especially now, however what is important is showing our fellow citizens and the world we are united and support our Constitution and uphold our rules of law.  Not to confuse violence and destruction with peaceful displays of preserving our “Rights”.  Peaceful Protests are just one of many freedoms we are able to enjoy in our country, to abuse those freedoms is wrong.  Destroying other citizens store fronts, property and bodies is not a show of respect, it is disobedience and should be punished.

No matter your cause or beliefs, you have no right to injure, damage or break other’s property.  All you are showing the world and your fellow followers are your selfish, ignorant, and lack of morals character.    It also shows in the latest incidents evolving around the Women’s March, some were not there to protest in peace a cause, they were there to mock and smear people, totally disrespecting others who were there for a valid reason.

Next time someone wants to demonstrate or protest a cause, make sure it is viable.  To many have taken false news and built it up to horrific fact.  Or taken edited statements and have exaggerated them to beyond comprehension.

I find that some people who are so gullible to fake news are just looking for an excuse to be negative.  They tend to thrive on it, stirring hate where ever they go.  That has got to be very sad place to live in.  And I really feel sorry for them, they must be so miserable.  The problem is, they make everyone around them miserable too.  Misery loves company.

Last time I checked living in the USA, and being a Citizen, I have a lot of rights and freedoms that many others in foreign lands do not.  We take advantage of liberties others only dream of.  You think you have it tough, follow real news stories and documentaries about women who are not allowed to drive, beaten and abused in public, raped and molested without any justice.  Can’t be seen without wearing covers over their entire face and bodies, not allowed an education, and suppressed beyond belief.  Yet, American women can do pretty much the opposite, it is still amazing how petty they can be over areas that have improved for them over the course of many years and off the sweat and sacrifice of so many before them.

We have come a long way baby, in just my lifetime things have improved tremendously, and I am grateful for the fact that I do have choices, I do have control and I do appreciate those who have made it all possible.  No, we don’t live in a perfect world, but first and foremost we are alive.  Never ever taking for granted my life, for there are those who will never experience anything because they have been denied.  Whether it be due to where they live, or their lives were cut short.  We who are living and in the USA have much more to be grateful for than not.

No matter what color you are or what religion you may or may not be, or sexual orientation if you are living here you should feel proud and support our Leaders, our Flag, our Constitution and most of all our Commander and Chief.  And if at anytime you feel you cannot, maybe you should re-locate to another country.  Our Country is the greatest, and only deserves those who appreciate it, and support it.

A little word of advice as we all move forward in this new administration.  Blame not the politicians for your problems with fair wages, sexual abuses, and job opportunities, blame the individuals who control them.  They hold the keys to improvement, and only they can make things change, not our government.