Politically Incorrect? It’s On Us! Domestic Violence Awareness & Breast Cancer Awareness Month


Rant and Roll! For Mature Readers Only!!! 
As most know, I am a published writer by trade, My writing is like therapy, and in past times has provided a great way for me to express my thoughts and opinions. It has been a path to my history, and hopefully a future for my kids and grand kids. 
I enjoy writing and wish at times I would have expanded my talent so I could support myself and my hubby. Giving up opportunities that would have afforded me much more in monetary things and a retirement. Instead a career in ITEX swept me away along with my Husband and the rest is just a part time hobby now. I have no regrets in making my choices, however I do regret what is happening to our world. 
When we are asked to make decisions like voting, that is all they are, no one really cares to hear or read the whys and what’s, just that you make it, you have your reason and that should be good enough. As long as they are sound, legal, and justify the cause and have met the qualifications.

In today’s world instead of just going to the polls to vote for our selected candidate by choice decisions, we now have to go through hoops and tolerate a complete circus of hate, defamation, scrutiny, demeaning, criticizing, exploiting, hypercritical nonsense before we ever get there. Candidates have lost touch with the reasons they entered the race, and voters can’t seem to get enough garbage on the other person to satisfy their hunger. No one in today’s world can take anything for face value any more or respect the persons who are willing to give up their privacy, their current lifestyles, which by most counts are pretty good, Nope, we have to beat them up, chew them up and spit them out..

Being in public office is no gravy train for anyone, it is demoralizing at times and can be very brutal, even for their family and friends, They all know this going in, however, what they don’t expect is all the hate and anger it generates. Personally, I would never get into any field that would give up my privacy, or make me or my family and friends subject to vicious assaults. I cherish my privacy and my quite life. However, I respect anyone who takes it on. No matter who you vote for, I personally am an Independent, so who knows..what I do know is slandering articles and pulling out things that happened before most registered voters were able to vote, that has no baring on today, will not determine my opinion. Now facts of things that can be of determent to our world today, involving economics, foreign affairs, our safety, and keeping a civil and united front will be important to me. I judge on the here and now, not the what in when. Language, looks, opinions, words and religious beliefs carry empty promises, I want some one with substance. “Actions do speak louder than words.” The person who holds the highest office in the land should be assuring confident, faithful to him or herself, and carry a Pride of the American Flag and it’s people to deflect only admiration, positive mentoring, and kindness for all humanity. They should be open to suggestions, and constantly looking for a better way to encourage and compliment all aspects of our country. Running a negative campaign only instigates more negativity.
I am a Christian, I am a true Christian, I make mistakes on a regular basis, feel sorrow when others are in pain or in trouble, I truly love my God, country, my family, my friends, my business, and make no bones about sinning. I Am a Sinner.. I ask for forgiveness all the time, and I try hard to correct my bad habits and mistakes. Unfortunately, that goal of being perfect, well, it ain’t gonna happen. I am a lover of animals, and the earth. In short, so you know about me, and understand where I am coming from, I truly believe deep in my heart My God is very unhappy with all of us, and has been showing it, look around you..watch the weather, the disasters that continue to plague our lands and how people are totally out of control, they have lost something so precious and may never get it back. Humanity, respect, morals, and love of our being has been slowly disappearing and quite frankly it is really scary, and disheartening. In some respects, I truly believe what is happening in the world around us, is God’s way of shedding the ugly skin of hate, and renewing the planet. Mark my words, it is not over, and if we all don’t straighten our acts up, it will only get worse. 
I have elected not to engage in all the negativity on FB Posts, No longer watching National News programming, and refuse to read anything that involves politics. Today, I am turning it around, I only watch Local Fox News now, they are the only National TV programming that does not display total prejudice for any of the candidates. They all have their favorites but at least it is not all one sided. Like NBC, The Today Show, The View, The Talk, etc..We have one more debate to watch, then it will be over and off to the polls.
Honestly, there is so much more important things to worry about. Fighting terminal illnesses like Cancer, saving lives, healing lives, supporting lives. No one thing is more important than the other but unless we all get on board and fight to right our wrongs, we will never be a united country much less a world.
Stay tuned in to my blog to see and read more..
That is all, Good Night Gracie..God Bless