What Happened To Dads, Fathers in the Olympics?

Have you noticed all the ads about “Thanking MOMS”? I did and I appreciate those as a mother of 2 Sons, and a grandmother of 5 grandchildren. However, what I did not appreciate was the Lack of recognizing Fathers, Dads, etc. I did not see one ad or comment during the games thanking DADS!!!!

Yes, as a Mother, we do a lot for our Children, but in a lot of cases more so than not, if it was not for Fathers and DADS who are working hard earning a living so we can get our kids to their sport events and in training situations it would not be happening. Even advertisers like Proctor and Gamble impressed upon all Moms for their contributions in helping the athletes, but never any mentions of how Dad helps. Even most of the Athletes never acknowledged DAD for helping them. What is wrong with this picture?

WE have men and women fighting overseas to protect our lands, working hard everyday in their jobs so there is food on the tables, school costs met, and the little extras that always get unnoticed.

I am here to say, “Thanks to all the Fathers/Dads who are in the wings making sure their children and Moms are at practice everyday, furnishing the gas and vehicles to get them there, the food and nutrition to help them grow, and the educational tools they need to become Champions. And most important, the Love they all have for their little ones to keep them safe and happy. Thanks to all our DADS You Rule too!

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