Unemployment Will Rise again!

Here is one you can ask the powers to be…our youngest son, just lost his job at Dyess AFB, as a Security officer, because of the military cut backs, and bringing home our soldiers, which we all are very thankful for. What I am not thankful for is seeing my son who after serving 8.5 years securing the main gates, flight lines and protecting the base, so others can go protect overseas, he is terminated with no severance pay, no insurance and no help to find another job…Already struggling, a father of three, paying child support, rent and trying to survive, now with out a job, and all he got was a nice plaque thanking him for his service, and a pat on the back. Nothing is ever talked about those who serve behind the lines in place of our military, dedicating years of their lives, just to be kicked in the gut..I am glad for our soldiers to be able to come back home and have their jobs back, but at the cost of others is not fair..they are just as important as our soldiers but get no parades, no thank yous, nothing and now on the unemployment lists..our unemployment numbers are not reflecting the true picture and no one is talking about those like my son, who are now jobless…I am so pissed off…now my husband and I are trying to help him survive, and hurting our own cost of living in the meantime..Thanks Government for nothing!