Privacy rights and Trayvon Martin

Two major issues front the headlines currently, and I would like to tap on each briefly.
Right to Privacy, regarding access to social network sites.
Employers who are requesting the key to your privacy is very disturbing. Wanting your passwords and logins to your social networking pages are a bit over the top.
In some respects it is redundant, if you have hundreds of friends on Facebook who view or comment on your posts, pictures, etc. then in reality, it could be considered a mute issue. However, the bottom line is allowance.
If you agree to share then so be it, if others not considered “Friends” want to view, then it should be your choice to view or not to view. That is the question.
To demand, or make that part of an interview process and require such passage is absurd. What next, keys to your home? Logins to your bank accounts? Insurance sites, what next?

We are already an open book when it comes to many services who require confidential information to unlock Pandora’s box, whether it be for credit needs or insurance, we are all scoped and probed one way or another.
I visualize the next group who will want this type of information will be Universities and Education venues. Before you can be accepted in a College or School, these demands will be made.

Time to draw a line between what is acceptable requests and what is not. We all need to write our State and Federal Reps and demand protection, our given right as American Citizens.
It is already bad enough that hackers and the powers to be can already find anything they want and expose it, so tell me, do we really have rights of privacy? Do We?

Trayvon Martin
What a tragedy.
It is tragic, and very sad to see anyone lose their life. Especially, at the hand of another.
Some things we can only try to prevent or understand. This entire situation is very questionable, and I feel now has been driven way over the initial issue. A life has been lost, another life is pending prosecution.

I think it is time to put both in prospective.
I really do not think anyone truly knows what took place, and unfortunately, Trayvon is not able to tell us his story.
The important thing to remember is keeping the facts straight and allowing the right people to find the correct answers, filling in the blanks.
Justice can prevail, if we let it.
To much verbiage and anger is over taking reason and truths.
The chatter talks about “Hoodies” and Race.
Is this really a matter of either?

My personal opinion is this, watch enough news stories about crime, and unfortunately, a lot of criminals wear Hoodies, it is a protective cover for many. On the other hand, if we continue to condition our minds by watching all the news stories every day about crimes committed, and the thugs who choose to wear these garments, it does have a tendency to affect your thinking and embeds fear in all of us.
I do not think RACE is the issue here. Just the fact of someone hanging out, wearing a hoody, and maybe acting strange or suspicious can strike a fear in some.
Not justifying anyone’s actions, just trying to place myself in their shoes.
I have found myself get nervous or scared when I am walking somewhere and someone behind me is walking looking down and wearing a hoody. Or in a store, and someone comes in wearing a hoody, and you can not help but wonder what they are up to.
I do not act on it, or find myself compulsive to injure them, or pay attention to what their color of skin is…I just become more aware of my surroundings and become cautious. I wear hoodies myself, so the clothing is not a problem, it is what the media and criminals have labeled it.

So, before I can judge right or wrong, I need the facts, and need to understand the circumstances surrounding the incident.

I am really tired of the RACE CARD being used every-time something happens to someone of color.
In the eyes of God, we are all one color inside.
We will never have peace and be free of racial issues as long as there are those who continue to stir the pot all the time…Just looking for any reason to create chaos all the time, and the media just continues to add fuel to the fire storm.

Who represents other nationalities or “colors” when they are in need or in trouble? I guess we need to creat a Quantum C for Caucasians, Quantum A for Asians, Quantum S for Spanish, get my drift?
Just Stop all this non-sense, and lets get back to reality.
A possible crime may have been committed and now it is time to do what is right and needed. Get to the truth and facts and handle it accordingly. Morn the death of a young man, and do what we can to prevent it from happening again..
Remembering, all are innocent, until PROVEN Guilty.

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