October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

One of my Favorite ladies, and very close friend. She is just one of many who has survived Breast Cancer, and living Lavita Loca!!!! She is truly and inspiration and gift.

This month our Blog will be featuring Survivors, and sharing stories of how they live large, and have fun enjoying their lives now.

Hats off to these special ladies, and men who have beaten the beast, and can tell about it.

Our mission with this blog is not only to share topics and stories that affect many, but to bring more awareness to this horrible disease.

Just Remember one thing if nothing else. Cancer is not contagious, but the Cure will be! What are you doing to help find this cure? We hope to raise enough support to find that cure, and help all who need to be treated and supported while they wait. Donate on our site today, and help us help others.
Zing Bling has managed to get several women treated and tested, won’t you help us too? What have you Zinged Today?