“National Prevention of Child Abuse Month”

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“National Prevention of Child Abuse Month”

April is the Official  Prevention of Child Abuse Month, in honor of that, we want to remind all parents and anyone who cares about our children,  it is our (yours and mine) responsibility to not only refrain from ever verbally or physically abuse any one especially children, it is also our responsibility to report any child being abused.  Thank goodness there is a better awareness of abuse, and reporting abuse is on the rise.

When I was growing up as a very abused child, no one would stand up or report.  Asking for help was tabu, and no one wanted to get involved.  Even hospitals never questioned when it was apparent abuse was happening.  Now it is a different time, hospitals, schools, physicians, churches all try to report and prevent.

I want to remind all parents and caregivers of children, there is a very big difference in positive reinforcement on teaching, verses actions that relate to Anger or disapproval.  Children never forget abuse and can bare the scars for eternity.  I know I still carry the scars, and will never forget the mental and physical pain I had to feel because of an abusive parent.  Even to this day, I have vivid memory of selective events.

The only blessing I share, is I am still alive.  Don’t let your children live like that, or allow anyone to live like that.  By Not reporting abuse, is like being apart of problem, you are just as guilty as the person who does it.

Abuse comes in many forms and fashions, whether it be verbal or physical.  It is your responsibility to help try and stop it and report the violators.

Abuse is anything related to harm and or detriment of any child or person.  Children need healthy living environments.  Not being provided good food and diets can be one form of abuse, leaving young children alone for any length of time can be abuse, lashing out verbally in an ill manner can be abuse, physically striking them with objects, fists, kicking, slapping them can be abuse, taking them into an unsafe environment can be abuse, leaving them in a vehicle unattended can be abuse, speaking down to them can be abuse, and the list goes on and on…in other words there are many forms of abuse.

Raising your children not to be abusive is so important.  Remember, an abusive child, will grow up to be an abusive Adult.  On the other hand, those of us who were Abused, tend to be more insightful and become stronger advocates for the fight and rights of children.  Pay attention to details and actions of your children.  If they tend to bully others or animals, there is a good chance they will grow up and abuse others.

Please share your comments and support.  There is a child out there that will Thank You someday.


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