“If I Were President” Goodbye 2015 Hello 2016

I have several areas I would like to see improve in 2016, some are take the words like offended, racists, bias, discriminate, Cancer and hate out of our vocabularies, encourage more equality, fairness, love and respect for all mankind, and stop the stupid protests that only add insult to injury. Unless you can make a positive change with your actions just stay silent and hidden.

“Now, if I am elected President, free Ice cream and WiFi along with free viewing of all network channels, free sports tickets, free education at all levels and freedom to pick and choose what ever Doctor, Hospital, Insurances, and care givers we want, and Freedom to protect at whatever means necessary our homes, businesses, families, and incomes from double taxation, over zealous politicians, and invasions, take care of our Veterans, and Active Military, our First Respondents, our Elderly, and allow those who want to be US Citizens and are willing to contribute their share to our great nation, they too shall be respected and allowed to do what is needed to get it done. Focus on Home First, not spend billions of dollars and Man hours or lives, on involving our country in Wars that have and always will be on going that have absolutely nothing to do with us.  By trying to intervene in Other’s issues, has now lead us into a battle to protect our own from unjustified killings and destruction.  Look Back, What have we really accomplished by all of this and at what costs?

Oh, and I would be cutting the Welfare Rolls in Half, cause anyone able to work would go to work or to school so they can go to work, and if they don’t they are cut off.  Anyone unable to go to school or work due to a disability, they would draw disability, not Welfare. By putting those able to work, we would again reduce costs, so it is a win win, and it may even help pay the funds back needed so persons who deserve to draw their social security cause they paid it in for thousands of years, will not have to worry about it being an empty well.

Foreign Relations would be improved because we would become the “Big Brother & Sister” to nations who want to also grow and improve their countries, and would be proud to follow our lead, instead of criticizing our lack of leadership and respect.

Now, there you have it, my campaign speech, not frills, no chills, just good ole fashion common sense. And as far as my Character goes, plain and simple too, average person who has been known to screw up, make mistakes, back slides, uses curse words occasionally, has made some bad decisions, gets emotional, cries, laughs, came from a very dysfunctional family, no silver spoons in my mouth, has worked since age 11, and the list could go on forever, the good thing is, never have been in trouble legally, never been inside of a jail cell, don’t do drugs, don’t drink much, I do use tobacco, and the best of me is I love my husband, kids, family and  friends with my whole heart, and try to be a good caring person and speak truths.  Some don’t always like it, but that is who I am. I am a Christian, who loves God and depends on God to guide me all the time.  I don’t always have an outer display of my passions for God, my business, my family or friends, but in my heart it is always present and always will be.

Make 2016 a better year and may God Bless Us All.