Happy Father’s Day

A Tribute to Dad’s!

“Never really knew my biological Dad until I was in my adult years.
The only dad I knew was the man who tucked me in at night, took me to school, provided the roof over my head, and made sure I had food to eat. Today, I look at a Man who is not the biological father to my children, but who Father’s them every minute of the day. Providing love, hugs, “money” and joy anytime they allow him too. What is the definition of a Father, a DAD?
A True Father aka Dad is the one who is there and providing the emotional, financial, and love needs of all children. God is all our Father, but in Human terms, is reflected in those Men who’s hearts are there and provide growth and assurances that all will be okay. To protect us from harm, and teach us how to protect ourselves. So, I say, to All Fathers who meet these atributes, Happy, Happy Father’s Day to you, and Thank You for being True Fathers when the donors are not able.”

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