“Death has No Labels” So why do we?

“Labels” why do we have Labels, for people? If equality is an issue or people feel social injustice, then maybe the way to stop some of this non-sense is to stop labeling people. What constitutes a Label? And why do we need them? I am of Italian descent however, I don’t “Label” myself on forms, or in conversation. I am very proud of my heritage, but I am just as proud to be an American. I have many friends of color, religious and nonreligious, different sexual preferences, and so on, and the only thing that I see is they are my friends, and either Americans or from another country. So, please someone explain to me why Labels? And why on applications, security forms, etc.. they all have all these:
“Choose One”
American Indian, Caucasian, African American, Hispanic, Asian or other.” 

So what do I mark? What do you mark?

None of my friends  of Color are from Africa, but yet they label themselves as such, many of my friends are not from Mexico, but mark Hispanic, my Asian Friends don’t have labels and so on…Why? So I want an honest opinion and reason to Why? I feel like I am being discriminated cause I don’t see “Italian-American” on anything. I don’t get a month to celebrate my heritage, nor do I have my own colleges, or chambers, or churches or anyone to stand up for me when I am mistreated. So what gives folks?? 

Here is something to think about, Death and Dying, I do not recall anyone dying in a literal sense because of their financial status, color, race or creed.  People have been killed, tortured and mistreated because of their race, position, and beliefs but dying of a natural disease or cause because of their color or race is not common.  Like Breast Cancer Awareness, it is about all of us, not one particular group.  Domestic Violence is about all of us, not one particular group.

So if we shed the same blood contract the same illnesses and suffer the same pains, then why are we LABELED? And think about this, if person’s of color distinguish themselves because of their dark skin color as being African American, the what about those of fair complexion who are from Africa, how do they differ?  By Color?  I think not.  Stereo types, really make me laugh…”Oh, you can’t be Black, or Mexican, or Latino or Asian”  you don’t have the characteristics, like medium or dark skin, dark eyes, dark hair, or on the opposite side of the spectrum, you are not blonde, blue eyed, fair skinned, etc. so you can’t be bluh bluh bluh..Really? Or how about sexual orientation?  Do people who share differences, appear different, I don’t see it, my friends don’t hurt any different, feel pain any different, they don’t tend to show any differences other than their preferences.

Newsflash, if you truly have ideals like this, you don’t get out much.  Travel Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle Eastern areas, the Mediterranean, and so on, then maybe you will learn, people from all over the world come in all shapes, colors, sizes and not one is the same.  We are all unique individuals, and deserve more than a label.  If we are citizens of the United States of America, we do have one thing in common.  We are Americans.   I invite your comments.  You just got mine.  Have a Blessed Day.