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Crush Rush


Are you kidding me? You know this is not the first time Rush Limbaugh has made distasteful comments about other people or situations. When are people going to finally realize what a real idiot he really is? Whether we agree or disagree with his views on politics or the government, he has no right to publicly humiliate anyone. Right wrong or indifferent, he is way out of line again.
Again, proving Women are still taking crap and dealing with being under rated and unappreciated in today’s world.

No matter what your political beliefs are, there should always be a line drawn, and policies in place regarding public views or statements that you do not humiliate or disrespect another human being. Opinions are like a**-H****..everyone has one….But that does not mean they have to publicly share them. Especially when it regards someone who does not deserve it.

I can still remember years ago, Rush made a very distasteful comment about President Clinton’s Daughter, Chelsey..stating she was so ugly…how awful is that? He got a lot of criticism about that one too!

Bottom line, he needs to be crushed and taken off the air. A message needs to be sent that we as human beings will not tolerate this kind of action, and for him to continue to get press about it, and paid for it, is only fueling his pocket book.


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