“Big Hearts Little Tears”

Chapter Three: I was born in a very small military hospital, in the 50’s. My parents soon after my birth were transferred to another base in Kansas. I spent about 6 years there, remembering very little other than, by age 4, I can still remember the flaming arguments, and the military police paying regular visits. …

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Happy Father’s Day

A Tribute to Dad’s! “Never really knew my biological Dad until I was in my adult years. The only dad I knew was the man who tucked me in at night, took me to school, provided the roof over my head, and made sure I had food to eat. Today, I look at a Man …

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Eat, Pray, Love!

Reccomend Eat Pray Love Movie

This movie is probably one of the best depictions of the turmoil women of all ages face everyday. I think most of us can identify with the struggles of deciding what we want out of our lives, and relationships. Every time I watch it I see something else I did not notice before that is …

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