Monthly Archive for: ‘February, 2012’

  • Why are we still so under rated?


    I was watching the “Today Show” and they had a panel discussion involving women in the work place, still having issues with “worth”. With all the evolution of technology, science, and life in general. We are still battling the fight of equality in the Work …

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  • Fallin’ Angel


    Whitney Houston, died Saturday from unknown causes at this time, what a shame and waste of a beautiful and talented woman. So many strive all their lives to achieve a small portion of what God had Granted her, and to see such a human being …

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  • Presidential Race “Say What?”


    Personally, I have not seen one candidate that just sticks out as a front runner. I am truly disappointed in the choices, and wish we could get a person who we all can feel we can trust, honor and respect. All we seem to do …

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