“What a Moron”

Todd Akin Must be related to Rush L., cause to make such a profound statement regarding Rape and Abortion is totally pushing the wrong buttons.

How dare anyone who feels they have the right to tell someone what they should or should not do in a case of Rape and pregnancy. Unless medical advise is needed, no one has the right to dictate what should be done to rectify other than taking criminal actions against the violators.

As you will read in my E-Book, as I progress in my writing, you will see I was a victim of Kidnapping and Rape. Left to die in a ditch, not knowing where I was, or if I would even survive.

Thank goodness, I did not get pregnant, but if I had, I would not want to keep such evil around me as a reminder of someone violating my life, my mind and my soul. It should be my choice, not anyone Else’s, especially if I am of legal age.

I am not a killer, but I am a sympathizer of bringing another child into this world that was conceived in bitterness and hate. What kind of love would they receive? I would feel only resentment. And, how would they feel if they knew how they were conceived?

Incest is another issue for the law makers, children having children conceived by a parent or relative? This is another area of concern and the right to do what is best for the victim.

Get a grip America, home of the FREE! And for the Record, RAPE IS RAPE!!!!