Operation Underground Railroad O.U.R

We are pleased to announce that O.U.R. has supported law enforcement agencies in 44 U.S. states! O.U.R. provides resources to bolster law enforcement’s efforts to fight local human trafficking and sexual exploitation. Our efforts have expanded as more agencies have become aware of the assistance we provide. Upon request, we have provided resources such as support vehicles, forensics equipment and electronic storage device detection K9s. O.U.R. has also provided scholarships for officers to attend trainings that focus on combatting internet crimes against children, sexual exploitation and human trafficking. It is important to note that O.U.R. does not conduct or participate directly in investigations, operations or enforcement action in the U.S. Instead, we empower the brave individuals in law enforcement as they rescue exploited individuals and prosecute perpetrators. Agencies that we work with regularly submit progress reports and share success stories that result from our collaboration. We are grateful for our law enforcement allies and all they do to protect the most vulnerable in our communities. Our goal is to form lasting relationships with these organizations and expand our support to additional state and local law enforcement agencies across the country.