Report Card & Do you know the dark side of Abortions?

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Report Card & Do you know the dark side of Abortions?

After almost 10 months in Office the current White House has managed to poll some of the lowest approval numbers in many years. So many promises and yet, most of us have only seen major mess ups.

From the mandates to Afghanistan, the current administration has managed to botch our border security and has shown no regard to the lives this administration has destroyed and loss of life because if poor or bad decisions. There is no denying what has happened. Unfortunately, the fake media continues to praise and lift this administration up and disregard all the damage they have created. So in my opinion, this is how I grade the WH.

Border Security-F




Job Security-F

Foreign Affairs-F


Uniting the Country-F

World Respect-F

Spreading Lies and Propaganda-A+

The List goes on and on, but I think most of you get it. One of the biggest problems is his lack of competence. And his VP Harris, is a total waste of an office as well.

The entire Biden Administration are guilty of abusing power and even his Military Generals are a total disgrace.

They like a Mafia, think by handing out freebees, they can win people’s support for their Dictatorship and Control. Biden is a product of one of the most Corrupt Crime Syndicates in the world. Taking orders from the Rothchild’s and Schwab controllers of the Private Central Banks. Their goals are simple, to de-populate the world and control everyone by 2025.

They managed along with the CCP to impose the worst act of war ever recorded, worse than 911 or Pearl Harbor, plagued the world with a Virus and faked a pandemic of mass proportions. Creating and forcing shut downs and chaos. Almost two years of total loss, inflation, and closures have cost millions to our country not to mention countries around the world.

As they continue to destroy our country.

As the economy implodes, the [CB]/[DS] are spinning the story trying to control the narrative that this is the new normal, this is the same tactic Obama used. People see the inflation, they are not fooled. [JB] nominee Saule said the quiet part out loud, there will be no banks the [CB] will have full control. The [DS] are panicking and they are now jumping ship, they know the next moves on the chess board are going to be a disaster for them. Trump and the patriots are now moving forward to remove the bull horn from the fake news. The people must be made aware, operations are underway to remove the guards of information. The people are awake and the flood of truth is about to be released.

Abortions currently are a very hot issue, now in front and center of the US Supreme Court, decisions could come out as soon as June of next year or before. One area no one seems to want to talk about is the dark side of this subject. Some argue, if protected clinics and professional services are not available for performing abortions, it puts the ones seeking them in dangerous positions of getting poor treatments and endangers their health from unlicensed uncontrolled environments. What most don’t realize, these clinics are major money makers and a lot of their patients are young women who have been trafficked and sold in prostitution. Girls as young as 12 years of age, are victims of sexual abuse then taken to these clinics to “clean” them. The other area which brings lots of profits, is the selling of organs, tissues and fluids obtained from aborted fetuses.

We all realize there is no black and white issue, there should be a gray area allowing emergency situations, however, to openly allow these procedures to run on any circumstance or to be used as a form of birth control, is just wrong. Especially since there are so many forms of safe and legal ways to prevent pregnancies.

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