Monthly Archive for: ‘April, 2013’

  • Macie Lepard Suit

    “National Prevention of Child Abuse Month”

    April is the Official¬† Prevention of Child Abuse Month, in honor of that, we want to remind all parents and anyone who cares about our children,¬† it is our (yours and mine) responsibility to not only refrain from ever verbally or physically abuse any one …

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  • Sunset

    “Fight for Air Climbing” for a Worthy Cause

    Anytime I can help someone beat a disease or bring attention to cause that needs our support, that is what my blog is all about, why I put my E-Book here, pouring my soul out about myself, my family, my missions and my knowledge about …

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  • Children

    “Big Hearts Little Tears” Discipline-When is it not Enough

    Here is a topic that I hope reaches many. No it does not deal with terminal illness directly, however if not treated can turn into a future Serial killer! Like so many cases where if something is not caught Identified and treated can lead to …

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