Monthly Archive for: ‘July, 2012’

  • Rock the Cure Fob

    Our Cause Needs your Support!


    A very good friend of mine had generated a really cool FOB for our Cause, you can own one of these very unique pieces by just donating $50.00 or more to our Very worthy cause. Helping people with Terminal Illness or Families who have suffered …

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  • Tipper 2011

    Movie Theater Massacre

    Tipper Speaks Out! Movie Theater Massacre Such a tragedy the senseless murders and injuries brought upon innocent patrons of a movie theater. What drives a person to commit such acts of violence and harm upon fellow human beings? As our hearts and minds try to …

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  • Pinkladies And Chris 20101

    The Art Of Grace and Age


    “Girls just want to have fun” Do we? How about, we just want to live healthy, happy, and feel we are appreciated for who we are, and what we do. Turning 58 this month, brought a new light on my life, as I write my …

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  • Helping a Family in Need*


    Verne Christensen, passed away Friday, and left a family heart broken and in need of help. Verne’s wife is a very ill person, and on many medications to help her continue life. Their only son, a Marine, is going to be deployed to Afghanistan very …

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  • “Big Hearts Little Tears” continues


    This story you will find, is very difficult to read some of the areas I will or have written about. To clarify, everything in my story is true, and is just as hard for me to reveal. The sole purpose of my book is to …

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  • “Freeloaders? Really?” Health Care Bill


    The more I hear politicians talk about the Obama Health Care Bill, the madder I get. Some areas are with in reason, but the comments being made regarding penalties or tax as they propose them, really makes my little hairs on my arms and neck …

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