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  • Ladies Enjoying A Great Lunch. Girl Talk1

    Welcome One of our Newest Contributors “Angels On Your Pillow” Author Karen Kelly

    So proud to be a part and a friend of this Amazing Blog,  Website and close friends with the Author, Karen Lee Kelly.  Please feel free to view their featured story for June, which is my story.  Karen had interviewed me while she was …

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  • Philis S. 1996

    Where Are We Headed?

    Since my last post in October, so much has transpired that my head just keeps spinning, and finding one particular topic to write about is tough.  With so much press about Women being abused in many ways, and now so much emphasis on Gun Violence, …

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  • Itsonus

    It’s On Us

    I just joined this movement, how about you?  We must stop this from happening to anyone, no one person is exempt to this and it is time awareness and admission take actions to stop it.  I too, am a victim of RAPE, I was kidnapped …

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  • Never Regret

    “What Terminal Illness and Aging Have In Common”

    Oh to be young, full of energy desires wishes dreams and the impatience of wanting to be older.  It isn’t until we start growing older that we realize all the wishes dreams and desires have now started to vanish and depression sets in.  We find that …

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  • Bob Marley

    “Suicide is Painless, Is it?” Chapter 10 of “Big Tears Little Hearts”

    Last week a very close friend lost her son.  Losing a child is the most traumatic pain a parent can suffer.  The laws of life and order are that children are part of our legacy, and are to continue way beyond their parent’s lives.   I …

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  • Pink Ribbon Pledge

    “Why We Stay” Domestic Violence Comes in all Shapes and Sizes.

    With so much talk and discussion about Domestic Violence today, the one question that keeps popping up in conversation is, “Why do you stay?”  As a victim of both Domestic Violence and Child Abuse, I can answer that question.  Obviously, I can only speak for …

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  • Pink Ribbon Pledge

    “Big Tears Little Hearts” New Chapter

    I was watching a favorite movie of mine, and it brought back memories of when I was a little girl, so many things about this movie reminded me of myself and the love and passion I have for horses.  Some of my all time favorite …

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  • 2011 12 02 Peanut

    Donations Needed for Storm Victims

    Blog4girls is helping victims who have suffered loss during the most recent storms.  WE need your help!  Providing clothing, toiletries and household goods is how we use the funding, and we are running out of both.  You can help by donating even 10.00 dollars.  Imagine …

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  • Philis S. 1997

    “Big Tears Little Hearts” New Topic New Chapter

    We have covered many subjects in previous chapters, and now we are going to uncover some more areas that tend to obviously be very uncomfortable for most of us to think about much less write or speak about. Growing up in a house where both …

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  • Macie Lepard Suit

    “National Prevention of Child Abuse Month”

    April is the Official  Prevention of Child Abuse Month, in honor of that, we want to remind all parents and anyone who cares about our children,  it is our (yours and mine) responsibility to not only refrain from ever verbally or physically abuse any one …

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